3D floor plan

Our 3D floor plan is derived from a virtual BIM 3D model for conveying architectural plans in an improved way. Built to scale, our 3D floor plan encompasses walls, floors, exterior wall fenestrations, doors and windows. We also include cabinets, floors, bathroom fittings, paint colors, wall tiles, and other interior finishes. Further, our BIM engineers add furniture for communicating the intents of accurate home staging and interior design.

Benefits of our 3D floor plan services:

We create a 3D floor plan using advanced 3D rendering software. Through lighting, staging, camera, and rendering, our drawing layouts appear like real images instead of digital representations of the buildings after which they are modeled in BIM. Our expert BIM modelers present building floor-plan in an innovative way, making it appear like reality.

Purpose of our 3D floor plan services:

We produce 3D floor plans for assisting real estate marketers and architectural firms in explaining construction plans to clients. Difficult architectural concepts become clear to clients, allowing architects and homeowners to accurately see design elements before construction and modify design elements during the initial stage of designing. Our BIM engineers deliver customized floor plan layouts for facilitating the builders, architects, real estate agents, and property owners to relate to their properties.

Our 3D floor plan services are meant for:

  • Interior design
  • Home appraisals
  • Branding & promotion
  • Building permits
  • Area & lease plans

Our software applications for 3D floor plans:

Our experts know that 3D floor plan is extremely significant for design professionals like the interior designers and architects. We use some of the latest software applications like SketchUp, Vector works, Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Floor planner, etc.to quickly present commercial or home floor plans to Architectural, Engineering and Construction clients.

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