Engineers, architects, contractors and the builders collaboratively plan and track construction activities with 4D BIM construction scheduling services. An accurate construction simulation and construction phasing videos are created through integrating project management tools.

Primavera with BIM software applications like Autodesk Revit & NavisWorks is adopted as project management tool for improving efficiency. Our BIM modelers optimize the whole supply chain and logistics and assigning optimal resources while reducing risks.

Tejjy Inc. facilitates 4D BIM modeling visualization. These detailed construction sequencing models and phasing charts track resources and communicate the progress of the construction activity to the site engineers along with the consultants.

4D analyzing software applications like Synchro 4D & NavisWorks Manage help in construction sequencing. We work in close coordination with clients and help them accomplish their BIM goals. Our Construction Scheduling Services endow general contractors along with the construction companies to implement lean construction scheduling to stay cost-effective and reduce wastage.

Our BIM modelers adopt 4D BIM Scheduling to illustrate quantities and phasing output.

Our 4D BIM Services cater:

  • Architects & Engineers
  • General Contractors & Sub-Contractors
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Builders & Facility Managers

What are the Benefits of Availing 4D BIM Modeling?

  • The prime objective of creating a construction phasing simulation is to provide the construction teams a tool to visualize logistical problems or inadequacies. The 4D (4D Building Information Modeling) simulation brings out difficulties like out-of-sequence work, “what if” situations, scheduling conflicts amongst manifold trades, and macro-level building phasing stratagems to the front, thus facilitating the optimization of the construction schedule.
  • Construction Scheduling improves the building planning process through an insight into the construction requirements in respect of time for smooth resource planning.
  • As the project is planned proficiently, it empowers improved control on execution and project monitoring
  • Construction phasing enhances collaboration amongst different project stakeholders
  • 4D construction Scheduling aids in preventing and resolving conflicts

Our BIM Deliverables:

  • Accurate 4D Simulation
  • Plan Logistics and Baseline schedules
  • Clash Detection and Coordination Report
  • Conversion of 3D models to 4D Construction Schedules
  • What-if Situation Analysis

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