6D BIM Services

Today, energy usage is becoming expensive  with overwhelming consequences for the environment and adjacent ecosystems. A technical process with the power of reshaping the carbon footprint of a business is 6D BIM Modeling, weighing up environmental sustainability, through cost-effective design and construction. Tejjy Inc. provides 6D BIM Services for facilitating complete project lifecycle management information.

The Basics of BIM

BIM engineering companies put forward various applications in the realm of architecture, design, and engineering. If one project requires5d BIM estimation services, another works well with BIM 4D scheduling. While working with energy in buildings, 6D Sustainability BIM is the best way of going ahead. Owing to the richness of data provided by the BIM engineering company, energy usage data provides a great source of sustainability information.

Benefits of 6D BIM Services from Tejjy Inc.

  • Attaining Energy Efficacy through BIM

Elements of architectural & engineering facilitate sustainable design analysis using both the passive as well as the active energy systems. BIM service providers in USA facilitate climate analysis, solar shading and simulation. Thermal modeling through BIM enables efficient BIM-design for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and water efficacy.

  • Making Energy Analysis through BIM Revit Model

The bottom line of a business involves the cost of the space and the Return of Investment. That’s why, while discussing energy efficiency of a space, it’s significant for considering an analysis on the economic side. Using Revit BIM services, top BIM service providers in USA integrate BIM 3D model and 5d BIM cost estimates, for creating an image of the energy efficiency of a space. Through 3D BIM shop drawing services, produced from the Revit Model, BIM engineers of Tejjy Inc. show the places where energy efficiency could be enhanced for improved financial return.

  • LEED Tracking through 6D BIM

A significant building sustainability option is LEED certifications -a difficult process involving constant maintenance. Multiple levels of LEED determine a profound level of sustainability. One advantage of BIM 6D Sustainability is the easy monitoring of various factors for obtaining LEED certifications, like system and energy efficiency.

Invest in 6D BIM services for efficient processes, reaping maximum ROI. To know more on 6D BIM, or Revit BIM services, consult us at 202-465-4830