6D BIM Services

Tejjy Inc. provides integrated 6D BIM services to facilitate owners, contractors, and AEC project stakeholders in making a sustainable building solution. Our competent BIM Modelers create BIM Model to attain the goals of sustainability for energy-efficient construction. Our BIM Engineers create a virtual BIM model where the project stakeholders including owners and the facility managers obtain pertinent information from the building model to create manageable building designs. We use sustainable materials during the design process to get energy-efficient buildings for improving the environmental impact on the lifestyle & health of the building occupants.

Tejjy Inc. overcomes the building sustainability challenges and conforms to the significance of affecting the lifestyle and health of the occupants with the surrounding areas for which we lay our support to design planning, assessment, analysis, and authentication of energy-efficient buildings. We deliver 6D BIM services Energy Analysis for the sustainability of buildings including commercial, residential, industrial, hospitals, educational institutes as well as public works.

What are the Benefits of 6D BIM Services?

  • 6D BIM Modeling supports feasible & effective asset management.
  • We delivers a lifetime virtual building model to access information for integrating energy analysis simulation.
  • Integrated BIM or green building model together with 6D simulated model helps to reduce the total energy consumption of the building.
  • Accurate decision making for component design & material installation during the design process can be accomplished through 6D BIM Modeling.

For more information on BIM Modeling, contact the BIM Engineers & Architects of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].