7D Facility Management

Tejjy Inc. provides 7D BIM facility management services. Experienced BIM engineers deliver the 5D models, when the construction project is all set in the closed-out stage. In the As-Built model, all significant information about the building components are included like the project data, operation manuals, photos, web link to online manufacturer details and so on.

BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. make the information-centric database accessible to the project owners and other stakeholders through a tailored web-based environment. The accuracy of 5D BIM Revit model enables the facility managers in the operation and maintenance of the facility throughout the project lifecycle. BIM integrated 7D simulation models facilitate in optimizing asset management starting from the stage of design to demolition.

What are the Objectives of 7D BIM?

  • Program Design

Tejjy Inc. BIM Engineering company uses a spatial program for competently and accurately evaluating the effectiveness of design compared to spatial requirements.

  • Record Modeling

Expert BIM engineers of Tejjy Inc. work with Revit models for making an accurate illustration of the physical conditions and facility assets.

  • Schedule Maintenance

BIM consultants maintain the information of project lifecycle in a program schedule. Revit BIM models help to maintain activities for enhancing building performance, reducing repairs, and decreasing overall cost of maintenance.

  • Asset Management

Connecting data in a Revit model to the building asset aids in efficient maintenance and facility operation.

  • Space Management & Tracking
  • BIM consultants also use the Revit models for assigning, managing, and tracking of spaces and associated resources in a facility.

7D BIM Facility Management Services Provided by Tejjy Inc.

  • BIM As-Built Modeling
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Budget Management
  • Cost-effective Retrofits & Renovations
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • COBie Data Extraction

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for 7D BIM Facility Management and Maintenance?

  • Operational Cost-saving: Tejjy Inc. – one of the top BIM service providers in USA helps the facility managers get the perfect Revit model. As a result of which, they are able to take an active part in the proper installation of assets.
  • Improved Design Simulation: BIM engineers of Tejjy Inc. provide improved design simulation through BIM model during the upgrade and renovation. Hence, it becomes easier to visualize building performance throughout the facility lifecycle.
  • Scalable & Efficient Project Delivery: The facility managers get improved budgeting for asset management and maintenance with the BIM consultants of Tejjy Inc. Revit BIM model enables efficient project delivery, with all project stakeholders working collaboratively on a single platform, thus avoiding all discrepancies.

To know more about 7D BIM facility management services, get in touch with one of the best BIM Service Providers in USA– Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected]