7D Facility Management

7D BIM Facility Management services help us deliver the information models for managing and maintaining the building asset of the managers and the owners. Our BIM Modelers develop data-rich virtual models of the construction that facilitate tracking & extraction of asset-related data like specifications, operation manual, module status and warranty. This facilitates in pulling out specifications of a certain part and making quick & easy replacement.

What is BIM 7D Facility Management Services?

7D Facility Management is the method of using BIM models for asset management. Since 7D BIM is gaining power in the construction industry, all parameters associated with the building components get combined with the data-enrich geometrical models. The data is used throughout the entire asset life-cycle.

What do we deliver through 7D BIM Services?

We provide BIM Services for residential, commercial, industrial, educational & industrial facilities. Client satisfaction & quality project deliverables constitute to be the core of our BIM services and we constantly strive for adding value to the building projects by considering our client requirements and delivering as per client satisfaction.

Our BIM Services facilitate:

  • Owners, Facility Managers and Building Managers
  • Contractors, General Contractors and Sub-contractors
  • Builders & Real Estate Companies

What are the Benefits of BIM Facility Management?

  • BIM in asset management facilitates building managers & owners to accelerate the decision-making process through informed decisions about maintenance & repair of HVAC & other systems, spatial requirements & energy evaluation.
  • It enables the tracking & extraction of asset data like specifications, operation manuals and warranty, thus streamlining and facilitating asset management & replacement throughout the entire project lifecycle.
  • 7D Facility Management with BIM streamlines activities like routine maintenance, space management, energy efficacy, remodeling and renovation by providing practical data for the specific requirements, thus saving time.

For more information on BIM Facilities Management Services, talk to the BIM Modelers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected]