Architectural BIM Services

Tejjy Inc. is a BIM outsourcing company specializing in Architectural BIM Service. The BIM Engineers & Architects of the company provide comprehensive BIM Architectural Services to clients in the USA. The main reason for using BIM Services is creating a 3D view with a detailed geometry of the building design before the onset of the construction process and validating designs for any clashes. The digital building representation provides a host of advantages that gradually inspire construction businesses to adopt BIM services in building the work process.

Tejjy Inc. – One of the Best Architectural BIM Service Providers in the USA

Our BIM Engineers are proficient in managing Architectural BIM Modeling projects. Our expertise in the domain of BIM Services and the competence to deliver projects with quality has made us a competent architectural BIM Services firm in the USA. Being a multi-disciplinary Engineering & Construction Management Company, serving the AEC sector for the last 14 years, we have the experience of working with large Architectural, Structural, and MEP companies. We are trusted to deliver by the Federal States & Fortune 500 companies with over 1250 clients throughout North America. Our Engineers develop comprehensive BIM Models for residential, commercial buildings, healthcare, hospitality, community centers, sports complex, educational institutes, government buildings and retail community centers.

Our Architectural BIM Modeling Services include:

  • Revit 3D Modeling for Architectural Services:

We create 3D models for a wide array of buildings for the architects, subcontractors, GCs (general contractors), building owners, managers, and other project stakeholders in the design and construction of a building lifecycle.

  • CAD Drafting to BIM:

We facilitate construction clients to migrate from CAD to BIM Solutions. Our Architects & BIM modelers create a 3D BIM model from AutoCAD drawings and develop a coordinated BIM model for clash detection and design validation.

  • Architectural Exterior BIM Modeling:

Our Exterior BIM Modeling Services for Architectural Services include roof, exterior walls, facades, doors, windows and other building components.

  • Revit BIM Family Creation:

We deliver Revit Family Creation including parametric and non-parametric Revit families for doors, windows, and furniture.

  • Construction Site Model Creation:

We create a landscape surface with varied elevations from CAD files, developing the construction site by adding components, building mass, retaining walls & even trees. Further, we build existing and new site conditions based on our client’s requirements.

  • 4D & 5D BIM Modeling:

We develop architectural models at LOD 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 as per project requirement. Our architects & engineers add construction scheduling & phasing through 4D BIM and Cost Estimation through 5D BIM so that the AEC professionals can take on-time decisions and create improved buildings.

  • Revit BIM Construction Drawings:

Our Architects and 3D BIM modelers extract construction drawings from the Revit BIM Model and enhance the drawings by adding annotations & notes for completing the CD set.

  • Architectural Interior Modeling:

Interior Modeling encompasses building elements like furniture, interior walls, ceiling, fixture, floors, staircases, internal doors, and windows with material application useful for extracting BOQs (Bill of Quantities) / BOM (Bill of Materials).

  • Laser Scan to BIM Services:

Our architectural Laser Scan Point Cloud to BIM facilitates renovation & refurbishment of old Residential & Commercial Buildings, Historical shrines, churches, bridges, tunnels, train stations and airports.

  • 3D Furniture Modeling Services:

Our BIM modelers stay updated with the latest trends in 3D Furniture Modeling and work closely with the furniture designers & manufacturers for creating parametric & non-parametric 3D BIM models of furniture for Home, Office and Storage.

We deliver Architectural BIM Services for:

  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Airport, Train Stations & Hospitals
  • Hotels, Resorts
  • Educational Institutes – Schools, Colleges & University

Inputs & Outputs for Architectural BIM Model Creation:

1. Design drawing
2. Images
3. PDF
4. Photographs
5. AUTOCAD files
6. Level of Detailing (LOD) Information  
1. BIM Modeling for Architectural, Structural & MEP disciplines
2. 3D Modeling of Ceilings, Doors, Windows with Exterior Facade Details & Site Plans
3. 4D Construction Schedules & 5D Costing
4. BIM Construction Drawings
5. Architectural Revit Family Content Creation
6. 3D Renderings from Architectural BIM Model
7. Model Classification as per Level of Detailing required by architectural clients
8. LOD 100 – Conceptual & Massing
9. LOD 200 – Presentation
10. LOD 300/400 – Construction & Detail Drawings
11. LOD 500 – As-Built Drawings

What is Architectural BIM Services?

Architectural BIM (Building Information Modeling) or the Construction of Virtual Model is a hi-tech performance of a building or an infrastructure in 3D set-up, presenting the 3D geometry visually. The technique behaves as a data powerhouse, extracting all data for construction.

What are the Benefits of Architectural BIM Services?

  • Conceptual Designing with BIM:

Architectural BIM Modeling bestows an edge to the overall building design process. We use BIM to create manifold design options for the sake of marketing presentations with diverse variations in space planning and layouts. Our architects & engineers also create 3D BIM Rendering Models with varied colors and material specifications for providing a realistic feel.

  • Clash Detection & Elimination at the Pre-Construction Stage with 3D BIM:

We create comprehensive and accurate construction drawings from Architectural BIM Model. The parametric features available within 3D BIM Model make it easy to accomplish high level detailing with accuracy. Any modifications made in the plans get automatically reflected in all the associated areas of the construction sheets. We use the Architectural Model for BIM Coordination, detecting inferences, and clashes before the onset of the construction process. This controls the construction cost by minimizing design changes during construction.

  • Meticulous Planning of Construction Phase with 4D BIM:

Implementing 4D BIM Construction Sequencing & 5D Costing/Budgeting we meticulously plan the construction phases. Architectural BIM Modeling facilitates us to collaborate with on-site construction co-ordination and labor utilization. We also fix on-site modifications as per the virtual design model.

  • As-Built Modeling at Post Construction Phase for Facilities Management:

Our engineers use Architectural BIM Modeling to present an as-built model that can be later used for building renovation & reconstruction. We ensure systematic facility management through comprehensive architectural BIM model creation encompassing various asset details.

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