BIM 3d Model

Tejjy Inc. BIM service provider in the USA produces coordinated Revit models using the Building Information Modeling technique. At this BIM Engineering Company, we facilitate clients to check possible interference amongst building systems through 3D BIM Modeling Services. Our BIM 3d model assists the construction companies to visualize schematic structures before construction, providing improved project planning. We detect clashes for eradicating key system conflicts prior to installation.

Benefits Provided by Tejjy Inc. from Coordinated BIM 3D Model

Tejjy Inc. provides comprehensive BIM modeling to the AEC project stakeholders through project coordination, reducing field conflict, RFIs, construction visualization, enhanced productivity, construction cost savings, decreased construction time, and precise as-built drawings. All AEC project stakeholders are able to get complete control of construction projects. Our BIM engineers work with BIM 3D Model, 4D Scheduling & 5D BIM estimation services to facilitate clients in USA.

Our Core Revit BIM Services:

  • 3D BIM Modeling & Visualization
  • 4D Construction Simulation/4D Scheduling
  • BIM Clash Coordination
  • 5D BIM Estimation Services/Bill of Materials (BOQ)/Quantity Takeoff
  • Shop Drawings/Spool Drawings
  • Prefabrication& Modularization
  • Marketing BIM Presentation
  • Laser Scan/Point Cloud to BIM Data
  • Facilities Management
  • Construction Documentation
  • Revit Family Content

Industries We Serve:

Building Information Modeling technique is quite common amongst numerous AEC project stakeholders such as architects, structural engineers, MEP design firms, general contractors, mechanical, plumbing, electrical contractors, concrete contractors, fire-protection contractors, drywall contractors, home builders, retailers, developers and other construction companies.

Our BIM Software Applications:

We are proficient in BIM services and implement the latest software such as Revit, Bentley, AutoCAD, Navis Works, Inventor, Tekla, SolidWorks, Fabrication, BIM 360, SketchUp, 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Bluebeam.

Level of Detailing we use:

Our BIM engineers use various Levels of Detailing such as(LOD) 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 to create detailed Revit models.

  • LOD 100 @ Conceptual – The Revit BIM Model elements are explicitly represented with a symbol or other general representation. Information about the Model Element related to the cost per square foot could also be derived.
  • LOD 200 @ Common Placeholders – Building element is explicitly embodied within the Revit Model as a generic scheme, object, or assemblage with estimated quantities, size, shape, and location alignment.
  • LOD 300 @ Detailed System – The building element is vividly embodied in the Revit Model as a detailed system, object, or assembly in terms of size, locations, quantity, and orientation.
  • LOD 400 @ Shop Drawings – Element represented in the Model as an explicit system or assembly is in accordance to shape, location, size, quantity, and orientation with details, assembly, and data installation.
  • LOD 500 @ As-Built Drawings– The Building Element is an authenticated representation as per shape, location, size, quantity, and orientation

For any information related to BIM 3d Model services, get in touch with the Revit Model experts at [email protected]