BIM Modeling

Being one of the best BIM (Building Information Modeling) Companies providing Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing BIM Services. We have an experience of over 14 years in catering to the AEC firms with 3D BIM Model creation through various industries in the USA. 

Our BIM Modelers are proficient in managing construction projects, through comprehensive BIM Modeling Services. Being one of the best BIM Outsourcing Companies in the USA, Tejjy Inc. delivers CAD to BIM Conversion, 3D BIM Modeling, 4D BIM Construction Scheduling, 5D BIM Cost Estimation/Quantity Take-offs (BOQs), 6D BIM Energy Analysis for Sustainability and 7D Facilities Management. The BIM experts of the company are dedicated to quality deliverables with strict accordance to project deadlines.

The BIM Service provider has executed multifaceted Revit BIM Modeling Services for clients in the USA. BIM Architects & Engineers at Tejjy Inc. are skilled in creating 3D BIM Models at various Levels of Detailing including LOD 100, 200, 300, 350, 400, and 500, as per project and building requirements.

Our Architectural, Structural & MEP BIM Services include:

Architectural BIM Modeling Services

  • We provide Architectural BIM Services in the USA to the Architectural firms, Construction firms, Realtors, and General Contractors.
  • Our BIM Architectural Services include the creation of Architectural BIM Models that facilitate BIM Coordination, Building Designing, Construction Planning, 3D BIM Rendering & On-site construction.

Structural BIM Modeling

  • Our Structural BIM Services benefit the Architectural companies, Steel fabricators as well as the General contractors in the USA.
  • Our Structural Building Information Modeling Solutions encompass Structural 3D BIM Modeling, Shop Drawings, and Rebar Detailing.

MEP BIM Modeling Services

  • Being one of the best BIM Service Providers in the USA, Tejjy Inc. delivers MEP BIM Services to the residential, commercial, government, healthcare, educational sector.
  • 3D BIM Modelers of the company have the expertise of working with Architectural, Structural & MEP Modeling, BIM Coordination, Shop Drawings, and Quantity Take-off (BOQ/BOM) for varied building infrastructures like educational sector, healthcare, hospitality, community centers, residential & commercial construction.

Point Cloud to BIM Services:

We provide Point Scan to BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services for historical monuments, government buildings, churches, apartments, and educational institutes. Our Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services facilitate large, medium, and small scale survey businesses throughout the USA.

Revit BIM Family Creation:

Our Revit Family Creation in the USA includes Architectural, Structural as well as MEP BIM Content Creation. We work on Revit Family Creation for the Product Design Development Organizations, Manufacturers, Architectural firms as well as the Construction companies. We have facilitated Parametric Revit BIM Family Creation for the White Board, Fan, Concrete Truck, Sink, Cover, Kitchen Hose, Crane, Door, Stairs, Car, Projector, and Water Supply.

4D BIM Construction Scheduling Services

Tejjy Inc. provides data enriched 4D models enabling all construction participants including the architects, designers, builders, owners, and contractors to envisage the entire project life-cycle and the development of the construction activities. The 4D BIM models facilitate extracting Quantity Takeoffs and 4D Construction Scheduling Solutions.

5D BIM Quantity Take-offs (Cost Estimation)

Tejjy Inc. delivers 5D BIM (QTO/BOM/BOQ) Services and Cost Estimating Solutions to the Architects, Engineers, General Contractors (GC), and Building Developers in the USA. We developed 5D BIM Models with comprehensive scheduling along with cost estimation encompassing quantity take-offs for commercial institutions, government facilities, and hotels.

COBie BIM Services

COBie Modeling Service entails a standard data format to obtain building inputs throughout the construction project lifecycle. We produce building datasheets, a list of equipment, materials, etc. from the information given by our clients.

6D BIM Energy Analysis for Sustainability

Tejjy Inc. provides 6D BIM Energy Analysis for buildings encompassing residential, commercial, educational, industrial, healthcare, and infrastructural facilities. We support our clients in resolving the project sustainability challenges by adhering to the standards of green building and energy-efficient constructions.

7D BIM Facility Management

Our 7D BIM Facility Management Services include the creation of intelligent information models to maintain and manage a building structure by the building owners as well as the managers. BIM engineers of Tejjy Inc. create data enriched 3D models of the asset for enabling the clients to extract asset-related information.

Our BIM Modeling Services cater to:

  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Infrastructural & Industrial Facilities 
  • Healthcare (Hospitals)
  • Hospitality (Hotels & Resorts)
  • Educational Institutes (Schools, Colleges & University)

Input and Output for BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services:

Modeling ServicesInput Output
3D BIMConstruction Design Drawings in CAD/PDF CAD Plan, Elevations & Section Builders’ Work Drawings3D BIM Model at LOD (Level Of Detailing) 100, 200, 300, 350, 400 & 500 as per requirement
BIM Coordination Modeling:3D Model Design drawings/PDF Construction Drawings Builders workCoordinated BIM Models (Architecture, Structure, MEP)Coordination Shop Drawings Fabrication Drawings
BIM 4D Modeling :Completed 3D BIM Model with LOD of 300 Design Drawings, Work Drawings4D BIM Modeling with Spatial Coordination & Construction Simulation Videos for 4D Sequencing
5D BIM Cost Estimation :3D BIM Model at LOD 300/3505D BIM Modeling with QTO/BOQ & Cost Estimation
6D Building Information Modeling:3D BIM Model at LOD 200 or 3006D BIM Data-Enriched Information Model for Operation, Maintenance & Asset Life-cycle Management
7D BIM:3D BIM Model at LOD 400 or 450 As-built model & Drawings7D BIM Model for Facilities Management, Programming, Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Asset Management and Space Management & Tracking
Scan to BIM Modeling:Laser scans 2D Survey Drawings3D Building Information Modeling & 2D Drawings based on the requirement

What are BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services are also called Virtual Construction Modeling Services, signifying the fact that we can virtually build a 3D digital model before the onset of the actual construction. This method facilitates in collaborating manifold design disciplines in an integrated model rather than reviewing & working on distinct drawings or disciplines.

3D BIM Model acts as a single model with multiple building information like 3D geometry, quantities, quantity take-offs, asset information, and equipment details through which we can evaluate budget cost, construction schedules, clash/conflicts amongst various disciplines, and design flaws. With the help of the 3D model, we can extract 2D drawings for design and construction. BIM Modeling has now penetrated deeper and can be used in post-construction phases too, enabling working on as-built projects as well as facility management through Revit BIM Services.

As per the project requirement, the BIM model can be created at different Levels of Detailing (LOD), allowing AEC professionals to address the questions:

  • How comprehensive the model should be?
  • How much information to be included in the model?

We develop the information model at LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 350, LOD 400, and LOD 500.

What are the Benefits of BIM Services?

  • An improved visual design impact compared to 2D drawings. Consequently, CAD to BIM Conversion Service facilitates modeling design in an enhanced way.
  • Virtual understanding and analysis of construction at the pre-construction stage using constructability reviews
  • Capability to make instant modifications during the construction through virtual construction simulations
  • BIM Modeling acts as a single database for presenting designs through 3D geometry & other pertinent data
  • Through a collaborative approach, BIM resolves design issues and detects clashes, decreasing construction time and cost.
  • Delineates a complete construction process starting from the stage of conceptual design to energy analysis & facility management

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