COBie Modeling Services

COBie BIM modeling services stands for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange – a standard of data exchange used in the construction projects for collecting information on the building materials and equipment used in the project lifecycle. The facilities manager can store the digital information for their operation & maintenance in 7D BIM projects.

In simple terms, COBie is a kind of spreadsheet that can store digital information on the materials and equipment of a building once it has been completed.

  • COBie helps to enhance the building process for the building owners and operators using spreadsheet applications like Excel and Google doc.
  • AEC professionals can work together in the document and update the sheet during the function of construction phases.

Tejjy Inc. works on the information provided by the AEC clients on product data sheets, equipment, and materials lists. All information can be used for 3D Revit Modeling for operations, maintenance, and asset management once the built asset is prepared. Our BIM Modeling Experts also provide asset management solutions.

COBie Benefits for Designers:

  • It helps the designers to match drawings with COBie data through the conformed set of all the design schedules associated with all the drawings.
  • Using contemporary design software applications, designers can export COBie data related to their drawings without any difficulty.
  • Through all the major design software support, modern COBie specifications make it easier for designers to comply with COBie requirements.

COBie Benefits for Contractors:

  • Organizes construction data efficiently, eliminating the need to copy & re-organize data 
  • Facilitates contractors to reduce the time & efforts spent on equipment surveys.
  • Using COBie, contractors can mechanize the task of O&M manuals, reducing effort on compiling & organizing information for delivery.

COBie for Facility Managers:

  • It makes it easier for the facility managers, occupants & owners to access documentation about equipment & understand spaces.
  • With an apt COBie sheet, facility managers can deal with building operations, maintenance & management throughout the building lifecycle from the day of delivery.
  • No need to go through massive manual documentation in an unorganized format once the participants move on to COBie.

COBie is empowering a new era of collaboration as an extension of BIM. By transforming the paper-based data storage procedure into a digital format, COBie paves the way to competent collaboration and streamlined information exchange across the globe.

At Tejjy Inc., we advocate the COBie information exchange framework and help projects become COBie-compliant. Want to know more about the consequences and benefits of COBie BIM modeling services for your AEC project? Get in touch with our BIM Modeling experts at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].