COBie BIM Modeling Services

COBie stands for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, a non-proprietary data set-up for publishing building information models. As a BIM engineering company, Tejjy Inc. focuses on asset data delivery with the support of COBie BIM modeling services and uses the technique, especially during the product data handover from construction to operation team members. Abiding COBie standards, in Revit BIM services, we get a stepping stone for evolving digital construction and building information management.

What are the principles we follow for COBie?

  • Aligning BIM Data Model:

COBie helps us align with the BIM data model. Implementing COBie standards, we are able to share the best practices of the industry into the building data model. COBie integrated Revit BIM services, facilitates in the easy integration of the design and construction processes. COBie BIM modeling services also helps us in creating the Revit model in the same way as in the BIM clash coordination.

  • Keeping Simple Delivery Format:

COBie provides us various options for Revit model delivery. Standard IFCs are supported for making sense in different cases. Our BIM engineers are able to add specifications for a spreadsheet data-collection and delivery. Due to the simple structure of the sheets, our Revit BIM modelers can easily participate in an open BIM workflow. Our spreadsheet constitutes to be the data management tool that the contractors and subcontractors have already been acquainted. All project stakeholders are able to get the support of various systems and databases from spreadsheet imports.

  • Using Classification Systems:

As a BIM Engineering company, we use a classification system, which is considered to be the key foundation for COBie. Our classification system forms a vital part of the requirement, whenever COBie constitutes to be a part of a contract. Being one of the competent BIM service providers in USA, we use Omni class classification system. Working on the classification system, helps us to add a dimension in navigating information and bringing familiarity and aggregation across our various AEC projects and clients. Further, COBie classification system also helps us to structure construction documentation.

To match your project workflow with COBie integrated BIM, consult Tejjy Inc. – one of the proficient BIM Service Providers in USA by calling at 202-465-4830 or sending mails at [email protected]