Being best BIM Outsourcing Service Provider Tejjy Inc. has a specialization in MEP BIM Clash Detection for Architecture, Engineering and Construction commercial and residential clients. Our BIM engineers work on diverse construction project from small & medium ones to large scale complex projects that need strong expertise in the BIM domain. We have gained popularity for being one of the best BIM Clash Detection Service providers in USA.

Being the first step in the BIM Coordination Process, Clash Detection helps us to identify collisions by performing accurate interference checks, essential for seamless coordination of all the services. Our expertise in the BIM domain, construction industry exposure, and the capability to work with AEC companies throughout the USA make us one of the most preferred BIM companies.

Our comprehensive MEP BIM Clash Detection Services facilitate the virtual construction of Residential & Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality, and Industrial facilities. We produce Clash Reports for checkinginterferences arising within disciplines. Our BIM Engineers successfully manage both the hard and soft clashes as per specific format and detect serious and routine clashes.

Through BIM Clash Detection Services, we provide effective MEP Co-ordination, achieving accuracy and improved collaboration among the design team members, clients and contractors.

BIM Clash Coordination |Clash Detection Services

Being best BIM companies in usa, Tejjy Inc. has carved out a niche in the realm of BIM Coordination, Clash Detection, and Construction Coordination Drawings.

  • MEP Clash Detection

Our MEP BIM Engineers at Tejjy Inc. work on clash detection and interference checks, finding out imperfections in the existing building designs & modeling, necessitating design changes, and eliminating problems during the on-site construction or a compliance issue later. Our BIM Engineers create clash-free and coordinated BIM Models used during the on-site construction.

  • MEP BIM Services

Our MEP Engineers follow a collaborative BIM approach to highlight interferences and provide an apt design solution for resolving them. We conduct BIM coordination meetings each week with the clients and design team of all the trades for ensuring a collaborative work process. Through our project execution methodology, effective pricing model &proficiency of functioning with large & medium size Companies, MEP Contractors & Engineering consultants we are the most favored BIM Service providers for BIM Clash Detection in the USA.

  • Coordination Drawings

We produce MEP Coordination drawings, identifying conflicts in mechanical, electrical & plumbing (MEP) systems before the onset of the construction process.Our engineers endorse that there is adequate space, typically in the ceiling & walls or mechanical spaces, for intended equipment. We overlay the shop drawings of specialty subcontractors with approved construction documents for showing the exact horizontal & vertical dimensions of building spaces

Input & Output – BIM Clash Detection

Architectural, Structural & MEPFP Models Design Drawings & Schematics  MEP BIM Clash Report

What is BIM Clash Detection?

BIM Clash Detection is a significant phase of BIM Coordination. This constitutes to be the primary stage of the constructability review process of a building. Through interference checks or clash detection, we identify collisions amongst various disciplines in a 3D BIM model, as all design drawings get transformed into virtual 3D BIM Models for a complete design performance. Moving ahead, other model disciplines are also collaborated in Revit or NavisWorks for detecting errors, interventions and collisions.

What are the Benefits of BIM Clash Detection Services?

  • Capacity to detect design issues or interferences comprehensively before construction
  • BIM Clash Detection brings together all agencies including Design Firms, Design Engineers, Contractors & Builders on the same page
  • Real-time Construction Scheduling with Clash detection & BIM coordination
  • Saving Construction Productivity & Reducing Cost of Reconstruction through achieving 90% design accuracy before construction

To know more about BIM Clash Detection Services in the USA, contact Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].