MEP BIM Coordination

Tejjy Inc. BIM Engineering company provides complete clash detection and BIM coordination services. We help contractors and other AEC project stakeholders get all information required to identify and resolve interference amongst various systems of the building effectively and easily with BIM 3D model. The effective coordination drawings produced by our expert  MEP BIM engineers facilitate in resolving all issues during the pre-construction stage, thus saving project cost and time.

BIM 3D Models  help us to produce accurate measurements for all pipes, fittings and accessories. This verifies the space allotted for the MEP services and check interference with all services. We create the coordinated BIM model after resolving all clashes amongst various services including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection.

Usually, we resolve clashes through Navisworks or by sharing 3D clash snapshots. Our engineers re-route utilities, modify elevations and re-size elements.  Being one of the top BIM service providers in USA, we provide value engineering  for enhancing system efficiency, reducing costs and smooth construction and maintenance.

Our BIM coordination drawings include:

  • Work details across various trades
  • Clashes with architectural services, structural, framing, partitions, equipment, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lights, and other services

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for MEP BIM Coordination Services?

  • Avoiding special issues amongst various mechanical, electrical and plumbing components
  • Providing accurate information to the construction team members
  • Detecting and identifying clashes at the pre-construction stage using Navisworks
  • Reducing costs of the total construction
  • Extracting detailed sectional views from BIM 3D models
  • Quick turnaround time for construction

For any query related to BIM coordination services, consult Tejjy Inc. BIM engineering company at 202-465-4830 or [email protected] Our team of BIM engineers undertakes rigorous quality inspection with strict adherence to construction standards for delivering projects with accuracy. Client satisfaction gives the utmost importance to our BIM modelers. Hence, we ensure that our clients are gratified even with the minutest details.