MEP BIM Coordination

Tejjy Inc. is a decade old BIM Service Provider providing comprehensive 3D BIM Coordination, Co-ordination Drawings, and Clash Detection Services in the USA facilitating AEC professionals including Construction Companies, BIM Engineers, Contractors and Consultants.

We produce accurate and clash-free MEP BIM Coordination Models with design validations. Inputs provided by our clients help us to make a seamless collaboration for Residential & Commercial buildings, Educational Institutes and Industrial structures.

Our BIM Engineers have profound expertise in BIM Coordination Model. We have exposure to the installation of MEP components onsite, making us convenient to work on construction projects. With profound expertise in MEP coordination, we make successful MEP design validation before the onset of the construction process. Our MEP BIM specialists conduct online meetings with the Design team, Engineers, and Architects. We involve the clients in our work process for reviewing our suggestions and finalizing the BIM coordinated model for ensuring cost-effective on-site construction.

Our MEP BIM Coordination Services:

BIM Coordination Services facilitate in saving construction hazards onsite. Implementing BIM technology helps us to resolve 90% design issues after construction and 10% on-site. We create MEP Coordination Drawings in such a way that provides the site manager a clear idea of resolving clashes and enabling accurate & time-specific construction.

  • MEP BIM Clash Detection & Resolution:

Clash Detection along with Interference Checking constitutes to be the first step of our coordination process. Our BIM Clash Detection comprises of interference checking, generation of clash report, and performing design validation for ensuring that there is no major collision amongst Architectural, Structural & MEP disciplines.

  • MEP BIM Coordination Modeling:

After clash detection, we develop MEP Co-ordination Modeling through BIM to ensure that all BIM services including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing& Fire Fighting BIM Models are aligned with Architectural & Structural models in the right way. We execute BIM Coordination amongst all disciplines, by marking up clashes necessitating a design change and discussing the collaboration with all parties involved in the construction project, enabling everybody to be on the same page with the construction design.

  • MEP BIM Coordination Drawings

We deliver MEP Coordination Drawings after the completion of the MEP BIM Coordination process. Our team of BIM Engineers and Drafters ensure that we conform to the right drafting standards and the presentation methods of our clients, facilitating smooth on-site installation.

Input & Output – MEP BIM Coordination:

Input:  Output:  
Design & Builders Work Drawings, Schematics Architectural, Structural & MEP Models @ LOD 300 Architectural & Structural AutoCAD Drawings  3D BIM Coordinated Model MEP Installation Drawings for Coordination  

Our Process of Work – MEP BIM Coordination

  • Modeling of MEP Services through BIM
  • Linking Architectural, Structural & MEP Models for BIM Clash Detection & Interferences
  • Generating Clash Report through NavisWorks
  • Conducting Online Collaboration Meetings every week with Architects, MEP Engineers, Structural Engineers, MEP Design Firms & Contractors for discussing the design issues & clashes
  • Raising RFI’s based on discussions during meetings and resolving clashes subsequently

What are the Benefits of MEP BIM Coordination Services?

  • Construction Visualization
  • Reducing & eliminating on-site clashes
  • Decreasing turnaround time & construction cost
  • Enhancing productivity during on-site construction
  • Accurate building utilization

To know more about BIM Coordination Services in the USA, get in touch with Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].