At Tejjy Inc., our proficient BIM engineers create comprehensive MEP shop drawings with accurate elevations, dimensions and annotations. Our drawings support workshop fabrication and installation. We produce mechanical shop drawings automatically from the BIM 3d  model, in accordance with the project standards applicable for construction. Using Revit BIM services, we are able to produce accurate sleeves, penetration and hanger drawings from the BIM model before the onset of the actual construction work at the pre-construction stage. Our MEP coordination drawings with color code help in easy removal of clashes. We follow SMACNA standards for the creation of sheet metal and steel fabrication drawings.

Our Mechanical Shop Drawings:

Our mechanical shop drawings encompass:

  • Installation Drawings –  Our detailed installation drawings facilitate contractors in executing their plans and install mechanical work efficiently, saving construction time and cost.
  • Block-out Drawings – Block-out drawings are extremely significant while pouring concrete on-site. We provide these mechanical shop drawings after aligning with architectural grids.
  • Sleeve, Insert & Hangar Drawings – Our shop drawing services also include sleeve, insert and hangar drawings that we generate from the Revit model for facilitating construction team members during plumbing installation.
  • Spool Drawings – Using our pipe spool drawings, accurate on-site and off-site pre-fabrication could be done from the Revit model  as per the pre-fabricating standards of the contractors.
  • Equipment Pad Layout– We provide mechanical equipment detailed drawings, including sections, isometric and equipment pad layouts for apt installation of HVAC equipment from approved submittals in suitable locations, coordinating accessibility.

Our Electrical Shop Drawing Services:

Deliverables from our electrical shop drawings include:

  • Power layout shop drawing
  • Lighting layout
  • Sleeve Drawings
  • Conduit Spool
  • Prefabrication drawings
  • Data cable
  • Fire Alarm drawings

Our Plumbing Shop Drawing Services:

Revit BIM services help us create plumbing shop drawings as per contract drawings. Our BIM engineers review them as per survey notes. We coordinate amongst various services such as gravity pipes and sprinkler pipes, while preparing shop drawings and redirect drawings as per ceiling levels and beam height for avoiding clashes. Further, we place pipe trims in the exact location as per the submittal.

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