Point Cloud to BIM

Point Cloud to BIM Services provided by Tejjy Inc. is availed by the construction managers, building owners, and contractors for the sake of renovation, restoration, and renewal of old & worn-out structures including the historical monuments, railway stations, museums, airports, and government buildings.

Laser Scanning helps us undertake point cloud BIM modeling with accurate deliverables. Our 3D Modelers work on different scan formats compatible with BIM (Building Information Modeling) Software Applications. We understand point cloud data and create a comprehensive BIM Model with precision and dimensioning together with reconstructing prevailing elements for making a new model and elements with present ones.

Our veteran BIM Engineers & Architects work on Architectural, Structural, as well as MEP disciplines for building exact and comprehensive as-built drawings for residential, commercial & industrial structures. We provide Point Cloud BIM Modeling Services by converting point cloud information into 3D BIM models and as-built drawings based on client requirements.

Our Point Cloud Scan to BIM Services include:-

  • Point Cloud Conversion for Historical Shrines

We provide Point Cloud Conversion Services for historical shrines, churches, and other building structures from 3D geometries, complicated domes, casework, and coursing with accurate details and tolerance.

  • Point Cloud Modeling Services for Infrastructural Facilities – Stations & Airport

We also cater to infrastructural facilities for renovating old railway stations and airports, using Point Cloud BIM Modeling Solutions. We support renovation by converting laser scans into BIM Models for Architectural, Structural as well as MEP disciplines.

  • Point Cloud to BIM Services for Commercial & Residential Constructions

We execute projects for the Hospitality Industry, Educational Institutes like Schools, Colleges & Universities as well as Residential& Commercial Buildings like Hotels that need to be restored. We assess existing designs through Scan to BIM Conversion Services for creating 3D BIM Models.

Our Point Cloud Modeling Services cater:

  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Infrastructural Facilities like Railway Stations & Airport
  • Healthcare Industry like Hospitals
  • Hospitality Industry like Hotels & Resorts
  • Educational Institutes like Schools, Colleges & University
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Historical Structures

Input & Output Requirements of Point Cloud 3D BIM Modeling:


  • Building elements captured through laser scanners not detected by manual surveyors
  • Scan formats include .RCP, .E57, .PTS & .RCS.
  • Laser scanning processes executed by survey companies for enabling BIM Conversion process of point clouds.


  • Accurate Point Cloud 3D BIM Models
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Construction Scheduling with 4D BIM
  • Facilities Management

What is Point Cloud Modeling?

The technique of Point Cloud BIM Modeling is defined as a process of converting laser scanning data into 3D BIM Models with details & components of existing building structures. Primarily used for renovation & retrofit projects, Point Cloud BIM Laser Scanning is executed with the help of scanners, capturing an image through point cloud data converted into 3D BIM Models.

What are the Benefits of using Point Cloud BIM Services?

  • Cost-effective & inventive process of creating as-built models from an existing structure
  • Effective for retrofit, renovation & refurbishment projects
  • Obtaining accurate, comprehensive, and accurate project details
  • As-built modeling through virtual BIM Modeling, detecting clashes and making BIM Coordination for improvements
  • Making modifications in 3D BIM Model as a part of the construction maintenance schedule
  • Reduced efforts & identifying the right point cloud dimensions through laser scans

Software Applications for Point Cloud BIM Modeling:

  • True View
  • FLS Viewer
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk Recap 360

To know more about point cloud BIM Services, get in touch with Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].