Point Cloud to BIM

Laser scan point cloud modeling facilitates Tejjy Inc. in delivering accurate BIM Revit model for different stages of construction. Our point cloud to BIM Services empower AEC professionals to create BIM 3D models of architectural, structural and MEP BIM services. We implement laser scan on various components of exterior and interior walls, windows, doors, floors, roofs, ceilings, fixtures, trusses, pipes and other equipment. Using laser scan to BIM services, our BIM engineers capture information about an element in physical space. We extract precise quantity takeoff from the BIM model, aiding renovation and new construction.

Benefits from our Point Cloud to BIM Services:

  • Accurate 3D BIM model creation for renovation and new construction from scan data
  • Scan to BIM services provide an improved platform for detailed design work
  • As built drawings from point cloud to BIM for elevation, plan & sections
  • Improved communication with 3D visualization for quick project decision making
  • Removing RFI’s & rework, checking the accuracy of 3D BIM model from scan data
  • Saving time & project cost as there is no need of undertaking site visit

Deliverables from our Point Cloud to BIM

  • 3D BIM Model Creation

We produce 3D Revit Model from BIM, as per point cloud scan data for streamlining project communication during the as-built phase.

  • As Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings from BIM 3d Model act as a comprehensive reference tool aiding future project planning for building renovation & redevelopment from point clouds.

  • 4D Construction Scheduling

Our point cloud laser scan to BIM services aid the renovation work of old buildings. We link project construction schedule or sequencing to the Revit BIM model from point cloud scan data. As a result of which, the users are able to click on a building object in 4D environment and visualize the construction process.

  • Quantity Takeoff

We generate accurate quantity takeoff from point cloud BIM model. Our quantity extracted from the BIM 3D model could be directly linked to scan to BIM cost, facilitating construction project planning.

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