Tejjy Inc. – being one of the top BIM service providers in USA help AEC project stakeholders get the right balance between practicality and functionality. We produce quality Revit model and ensure that the modeling components are created in an intelligent way. Our parametric families include practical product information necessary for calculation analysis as well as 4D simulations.

Our BIM consultants use parametric Revit model for controlling objects through formulas and inputs, assessing client products competently before modeling. Revit BIM services provided by our engineers facilitate in communicating design objectives and analyzing building performance and cost at pre-construction. As a result of which, we are able to assess designs and precisely maintain coordinated data through construction documentation.

Project Stakeholders benefited from our Revit BIM Services:

Since Revit constitutes to be the building block of 3D BIM Model, several people within the BIM lifecycle get benefited from our Revit BIM services. This 3D representation of the virtual world integrates the geometry and technical representation of the product, empowering architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, builders and owners.

  • Architects and Engineers:

Revit model facilitates architects and engineers in making a virtual representation of the building products. Starting from the stage of conceptual design to construction documentation, we provide architects individual product specifications such as the color, cost, tolerance, MEP and other details, so that they are able to make informed decisions.

  • Builders and Contractors:

Our BIM consultants also enable the builders and contractors to access the Revit model, for arranging the building products for the sake of construction. As a proficient BIM service providers in USA, our model comprises all relevant information about technical specifications, product manufacturer and installation. Consequently, the builders and contractors are able to extract the information easily from the BIM model.

  • Owners and Facility Managers:

Revit BIM services aid the owners and facility managers to get an exact representation of the virtual building, after construction. Revit BIM Model could be integrated into an existing facility, thus reducing the cost of operation, management and space planning.

Our Components of Revit Family:

BIM is not just about creating a 3D building structure. The model is only a cage without Revit. Inserting Revit Family components provides a fresh life to the cage. Our Revit Family components include multiple things like the doors, stairs, windows, railings cabinets, clocks, and desks. Our engineers look into the fact that various Revit Family components are properly placed in the BIM 3D model for making a great impact to the entire look of the construction.

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