structural BIM Steel Detailing Services

Tejjy Inc. BIM Services Company is one of the adept Structural Steel Detailing Services providers, delivering Structural Shop Drawings and Steel Detailing in the USA. Proficient BIM Engineers collaborate with Fabricators and Structural Design firms in Washington DC, New Jersey, Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Richmond & Delaware for providing high quality & detailed Structural steel drawings.

Our Structural BIM Design Engineers, Structural Steel Detailing & Drafters are competent in developing detailed and intricate Structural Fabrication Drawings for Industrial Structures, Residential and Commercial Construction. Our Structural Drawings generated from the BIM Model help clients make an accurate presentation of comprehensive structural drawings for easy interpretation during construction.

We have 14+ years of expertise in managing steel detailing services for US clients and thus can easily comprehend structural design drawings as per design codes. Our Engineers deliver Structural Steel Detailing Drawings & Structural Fabrication Drawings in multiple file-formats &extensions like .DXF and .DWG for diverse steel detailing practices. We follow various standards including AISC, BISC and Canadian structural codes.

Known for our quality & consistency, our veteran structural engineers execute complex and large-scale projects. Our three-step quality process ensures quality control, accuracy and detection of design errors, leading to accurate and timely project execution. The structural steel shop drawings and fabrication drawings produced from our structural 3D Model can be directly used for the fabrication of assemblies, parts and diverse steel items.

Structural Steel Detailing, Shop Drawing & Bill of Quantity Extraction

  • Structural Steel Detailing through BIM:

Tejjy is proficient in providing Structural Steel Detailing services in the USA for fabrication companies and structural design firms. Our BIM experts develop accurate Structural 3D models and extract details based on requirements for connections, columns, beams, and anchor bolts. Our steel detailers successfully convert steel designs into comprehensive structural 3D BIM Models for the development of structural fabrication and BIM shop drawings.

  • Structural BIM Shop Drawing Creation:

We provide comprehensive and multifaceted Structural Shop Drawings through 3D BIM Model. Our detailed Structural shop drawings created through BIM help the structural engineers to extract steel components for structural installation. We deliver in various formats including.NC files, Fabtrol, etc. for direct fabrication of the structural elements using the drawings. Our structural drawing set encompasses General Arrangement &Erection Drawings, Steel trusses, Joists, Anchor Bolt Plan, Part & Assembly, and Connection Drawings.

  • Structural Bill of Quantity Extraction/ BOM through BIM:

Structural work in construction holds significance in terms of work quantity & cost.Several parameters influence the cost of the structural components like the Grade of concrete, Material, Reinforcement steel and Labor. BIM facilitates structural engineers of Tejjy Inc. to extract the Bill of Quantities or Materials from the structural components.

  • Miscellaneous Structural Steel Detailing:

We also provide miscellaneous steel detailing services besides key structural shop drawings including Stairs, Studs, Girt, Gage & Toe plates, Treads, Nosing, Cages, etc.

Input & Output –Structural Steel Detailing

Architectural & Structural Drawings with accurate dimensions Connection Details BIM Engineering Drawings & Structural Analysis such as load calculations  Construction Drawings/ Structural Shop Drawings 3D BIM Steel Model BOQ/ Quantity Take-off/ BOM    

What is BIM Structural Steel Detailing?

Structural Steel Detailing services discipline is a technique associated with the detailing of various structural modules of a building, industrial construction, machinery and bridges.With the advent of BIM technology, the entire steel structure can be effectively created using software applications and drawings extracted from the 3D BIM model. Even the minutest of details like bolts and connections are drawn and detailed based on client requirements. Any change in the structural design is integrated into the Structural steel BIM model, which later gets reflected automatically in the drawings. The 3D Model helps in coordination and collaboration among project stakeholders. After the steel detailing & modeling process, steel shop drawings are created through BIM and delivered to the fabricators for further manufacturing.

What are the Benefits of BIM Structural Steel Detailing?

  • Construction Visualization or fabrication in a virtual BIM environment
  • Cost Reduction through the wastage of materials, time & resources
  • Competence to pre-fabricate directly from the drawings
  • An easy collaboration of structures within the buildings

For more information on Structural Steel Detailing services, contact the BIM Modelers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].