Structural Shop Drawings

Our BIM engineers at Tejjy Inc. produce structural shop drawings, exhibiting the floor, foundation and the roof plan of the construction. Having the expertise of being one of the top structural engineering firms, we provide structural details like the size and location of structural elements in respective plans.

Through structural elevations, our BIM consultants show the façade of a structure. Our construction drawings produced from Revit BIM model, provide an analytic representation of a building with sequential interpretation of every construction stage such as elevations, ceiling plans and other details.

Our construction drawings support building design development, accurate quantity takeoff/ 5d cost estimation and structural analysis. We also create assembly and DXF drawings for the creation of steel, wood and concrete structures from the 3D BIM models. Our structural steel shop drawings facilitate Revit steel detailing work process, as built construction as well as the creation of portable structures.

Our BIM Structural Drawings include various details such as:

  • Dimensions of concrete structure
  • Plans, sections as well as elevations exhibiting layout, dimensions & stages of concrete members
  • Position of holes, pockets, fixtures and other components for concrete work
  • Specifications, finishes and cross-references affecting construction
  • Layout details and sectional information to specify length, shape & number of reinforcing bars

We generate several other structural drawings such as:

  • Reinforcement Drawings – Reinforcement drawings describe and trace reinforcement about finished concrete surface, holes and fixings. They are mainly used for steel fixers and are kept exclusively from general arrangement drawing.
  • Standard Details – In standard details, our BIM consultants include standard notes, columns, pile caps, concrete culverts, as well as details of construction joints.
  • Record Drawings – After the construction of a reinforced concrete, we amend the original drawings for showing detailed changes during the construction process.

Choose one of the top structural engineering firms in USA and produce your structural steel shop drawings in the most befitting way. Consult us at 202-465-4830 or [email protected] to get accurate Revit steel detailing, construction documentation and quantity takeoff.