How Autodesk Building Suite Helps BIM Firms?

Autodesk Building Suite is a great support to BIM firms. BIM service providers in USA are using this interoperable design software application for supporting BIM-based workflow. Top BIM companies in USA are successfully designing, simulating, visualizing and constructing better with this software suite. Since it’s a comprehensive design suite, the software application facilitates complete data management from the conceptual design-build stage to the final construction. Architects, building contractors, MEP design firms, structural engineers and other professionals of the BIM firms collaborate effectively for complete construction project management. Before delving into the details of how Autodesk Building Design Suite helps BIM firms, let’s take a quick look at what’s included in the software suite.

What’s included in Autodesk Building Design Suite 2021?

Using ‘Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate’, BIM firms get the privilege to work with various software products in an integrated way, including:

    • AutoCAD BIM firms speed up construction documentation, share ideas with project stakeholders, and explore 3D concepts with design tools. Using AutoCAD Architecture, BIM engineers get an understanding of specific features designed for architectural services.
  • AutoCAD MEP BIM firms get the benefits of working with AutoCAD through special features designed for MEP designers and drafters.
  • Autodesk Showcase – BIM services USA can easily change AutoCAD designs and Revit models into compelling imagery, movie, and presentations through Autodesk Showcase 3d visualization solution.
  • AutoCAD Raster Design – Using AutoCAD Raster Design, BIM firms add great raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion tools to AutoCAD software.
  • ReCapBIM firms in Texas, Washington DC, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Baltimore and other areas in USA perform reality capture and integrate real-life data directly into the design-build process with ReCap.
  • 3DS Max –  Revit modeling services produce movie-like visuals to communicate and sell design ideas for effective marketing presentation. 
  • Revit – Revit BIM services define the key goal set for the construction. The building model is just a cage without Revit. BIM firms use Revit tools for architectural designing, MEP engineering services, structural engineering, and construction management.
    • Navisworks Simulate – Proficient BIM modeling firms integrate multiple models for enhancing collaboration, simulating construction, measuring the scope and enhancing reviews.
  • Navisworks Manage – BIM firms review integrated models of architecture, structure and MEP services and share data amongst stakeholders with Naviwork Manage. They also perform clash detection with the software application, gaining improved control over project outcome.
  • Inventor – BIM services in USA excellently manage product design and engineering with Inventor 3D CAD software.
  • Robot Structural Analysis – BIM modeling service providers in USA undertake structural load analysis with this software application, thus making an accurate design and coordinated Revit steel shop drawings.

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How is Autodesk Building Suite facilitating BIM Firms?


  • Resolving Project Challenges  for BIM Firms 

Modernization has resulted in a boom in the construction sector.  Many of the building projects consist of a huge built-up area. So, frequent modifications in the construction design or the plans often lead to major flaws in construction work.  Consequently, BIM firms face the challenges of exceeding the allotted budget and excessive delays, leading to work stoppages. Further, some building projects require collaboration amongst all the project stakeholders, including the building owner, developers, architect, structural engineers, MEP design firms, general contractors and consultants. Hence, maintaining the right balance is tough. Implementing Autodesk Building Suite resolves these construction project challenges for the BIM firms, helping them plan in a better way.

  • Identifying Constructability & Maintenance Issues of BIM Firms

Autodesk Building Suite also facilitates BIM firms in identifying various constructability and maintenance issues. To take a few examples, IFC plans not matching with building elevations, schedules and sections, the mismatch between door width in the door schedule with IFC plans, etc. Autodesk Building Suite gives rise to improved BIM clash detection procedure, facilitating MEP coordination services.

    • Constructability issues – Autodesk Building Suite software application helps BIM firms to identify code related and constructability issues through raising RFI’s and updating models and drawings based on the responses.
  • Maintenance issues – Similarly, accessibility for maintenance and operational issues are identified through the BIM process. 
  • Meeting Demanding Goal Set for the Construction

Autodesk BIM software services help BIM firms in delivering quality services to construction clients by providing the best design communication. 

  • BIM firms implementing Autodesk Building Suite software application could successfully meet the demanding goal set for the construction combining Architecture, Structure and MEP services for the perfect design and documentation. Autodesk Navisworks Manage facilitates complete design coordination & collaboration and AutoCAD helps accurate drawing creation. Navisworks Manage, 3ds Max and Revit software applications enable virtual simulation of the construction plan.
  • Top BIM firms cater to complete building facilities management by preparing a 4D Model for tracking project timescale. 4D BIM construction model helps construction managers track project timeline and assign resource control cost. Hence, the AEC professionals get improved 4d BIM scheduling services, by executing tasks with utmost precision for reducing project wastage through BIM LOD, allowing segregated procurement based on the requirement. 

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Value engineering with Autodesk Building Suite for BIM Firms  

Autodesk Building Suite helps BIM firms to plan intelligent models, allowing project teams to anticipate, plan and coordinate all aspects of design, detailing and construction. Value engineering undertaken by BIM modeling firms includes:

  • Detecting design and constructability issues 
  • Facilitating complete coordination amongst architectural, structural and MEPFP services
  • Saving construction rework and material construction cost
  • Avoiding work stoppage 
  • Providing waste management  
  • Supporting construction crew with accurate shop drawings 
  • Optimizing cable tray sizes and routing, matching with building codes 
  • Saving costs and installation time
  • Changing ducts and pipe routing to minimize cost 
  • Eliminating unnecessary fittings improving system efficacy

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Why Choose Best BIM Firm for Building Suite Implementation? 

Autodesk Building Suite is a great support to construction professionals. AEC firms must hire the best BIM firms to integrate this software application seamlessly into the construction workflow. Here is a summary of the benefits you would get from the best BIM service providers in USA.

  • Accuracy, data integrity, revision management, detailing and higher productivity. BIM company successfully produces coordinated Revit models, enabling stakeholders to check interferences amongst building systems, resulting in better project planning. Consequently, this reduces construction delays, saving construction time and money.
  • BIM firms can successfully plan using intelligent models and enable the team to anticipate, plan and coordinate building design, detailing and construction.
  • Implementing Autodesk BIM software solution, BIM firms play a crucial role in design optimization, MEP clash coordination, 4D sequencing, planning and better construction collaboration and management.

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