How BIM MEP Coordination Services Support the AEC Industry?

Planning and coordination are the most important aspects of successful project execution. Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables project stakeholders to create and examine the virtual representation of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. Building information modeling services in California, Texas, Florida, Houston, etc. are a constant support to the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry professionals in USA.  BIM companies in California are also streamlining project workflow through BIM MEP coordination services. Top BIM service providers in USA are improving project efficiency through a virtual 3d BIM model and linking it to an intelligent database. BIM companies in USA  enable quick decision making, accurate construction documentation, improved construction management and facility management in Revit.

Let’s take a quick look at how BIM MEP coordination services are supporting AEC industry professionals?


  • Construction Project Visualization & Collaboration 

Coordinated BIM models produced by top BIM companies help to perfectly visualize the complete project at the pre-construction stage. Revit BIM services enable comparison amongst different MEP designs to develop a cost-effective and sustainable solution.


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  • Constructability Analysis through MEP coordination services

Virtual construction of the project in Building Information Modeling allows independent review of the construction plan and specifications. Revit modeling services help to identify discrepancies in the design drawings and detect all constructability issues at the pre-construction stage. During the constructability review, BIM MEP coordination services enable AEC project stakeholders to generate RFI’s for identifying constructability and operational issues such as:

  • Missing Information
  • Input inconsistency
  • Operation clearance
  • Maintenance or accessibility issues
  • Conflicting data

Companies providing BIM services USA create an MEP BIM model and update it based on RFI responses. Many of the firms delivering BIM services in Florida and California maintain the status of all RFIs in a log and follow them up with the construction clients for resolving all issues at the pre-construction stage. Thus BIM companies in USA through MEP coordination services could successfully eliminate work stoppage and rework at the later stages of construction.

Let’s take an instance of an existing clash between an architectural building wall and an air supply duct. Using BIM MEP coordination services, engineers could successfully resize the duct and shift the architectural wall of a building.

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  • Project Team Review with MEP Coordination Services

BIM firms providing sheet metal design services in Texas use Tekla BIMsight clash detection,  Revit steel shop drawings, Revit MEP drawings, etc. for providing the best MEP coordination services. They analyze the construction documentation for detecting errors that may cause delay to the construction. BIM service providers in California verify whether the work requirements are properly coordinated or not. Experienced BIM modelers make the right analysis through MEP Coordination services, including various elements of architecture, structure, site utilities and mechanical services. BIM engineers check the MEP plans and various other specifications through Bluebeam Revu.


  • Auditing & Validating BIM Model through MEP Coordination Services

BIM consultants provide an accurate and consistent BIM Model for the building contractors, engineers, architects, MEP design firms and other construction professionals. Through BIM MEP coordination services, construction clients provide a wide array of inputs such as contract documents, specification sheet and building design document. BIM service providers in USA compare the Construction Documentation Set or Input documents with the 3D BIM Model provided by the client. They ensure that the specifications of the building details are matched as per the LOD standards. Further, the MEP BIM modelers determine that the outputs like CD set, shop drawings and BOQ from the 3d BIM model are consistent with each other. BIM MEP coordination services facilitate in making comprehensive analysis for delivering projects in a risk-free environment. Top BIM modeling firms facilitate smooth construction through a competent audit process, including: 

  • Reviewing Construction Documentation
  • Assessing LOD against Design Functions
  • Validating MEP designs
  • MEP Clash Detection and Coordination


  • BIM Clash Resolution with MEP coordination services

MEP BIM modeling firms produce a coordinated model through BIM, after resolving clashes amongst all services of architecture, structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, concrete, etc. The BIM engineers conduct meetings on the cloud for sharing 3D clash snapshots and resolve clashes. MEP coordination services facilitate re-routing utilities, modifying elevations and re-sizing of components. MEP Coordinators also offer value engineering to AEC clients for enhancing building system efficiency, minimizing costs and easier maintenance. 

To take an instance, if there is a clash between pipe and beam, the conflict could be easily eliminated by modifying pipe elevations. MEP modelers working with BIM MEP coordination services remove clashes by shifting the ducts and aligning that with the wall.

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  • Detail Shop Drawings through MEP coordination services

Comprehensive shop drawings created through BIM MEP coordination services based on project standards are significant to MEP contractors, suppliers, fabricators and manufacturers. BIM services are extremely useful for the construction of complex structures. MEP modelers create accurate penetration, sleeve and hanger locations from the 3d BIM model at the pre-construction stage. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings generated from the BIM model could be directly downloaded for accurate and fast layout creation at the construction site. BIM MEP drawings generated from the coordinated BIM models are comprehensive enough for workshop fabrication.

Revit BIM MEP coordination services facilitate AEC professionals to produce competent shop drawings, saving man-hours in the field. The shop drawings can be automatically created from the BIM model, ensuring accurate output with data accuracy in the construction document. Through BIM shop drawing creation, a sustainable project gets developed for the AEC professionals.

Through BIM MEP coordination services, dynamic changes are brought in the construction workflow, adding to improved project productivity.  All MEP design issues are eliminated at the pre-construction, making it less time-consuming for the BIM engineers to manage and modify drawings. Coordinated shop drawings coming out of the 3D BIM model help to predict potential clashes and resolve them, saving time and money for construction. To get MEP coordination service, contact Tejjy Inc. BIM service company in USA, at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].

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